DSAT prides itself in offering pro-active corrosion management strategies that assist in the provision of methodologies for preventing the deterioration of oil well and transmission pipelines by arresting the corrosion process before it becomes a scenario where re-active corrosion management strategies must be implemented.

Advantage with DSAT is having a professionally well experienced team for handling and providing provision of innovative solutions on corrosion management issues in Oil & Gas pipelines and other facilities. Systematic review of individual corrosion management scenarios enables our team to formulate optimum options based on a clear Understanding of the service environment exposure and performance criteria.

Our area of works includes onshore and offshore pipelines, offshore platforms and process equipment, refinery process equipment, storage tanks & terminals, to name a few. Development and implementation of effective corrosion management strategies helps our clients save financial resources and helps minimize the risk of possible failures that could lead to health, safety, and environment issues.

Engineering Consultancy Services Include:

  • Internal corrosion assessment.
  • Material selection.
  • ICDA (Internal corrosion direct assessment).
  • Corrosion inhibitor selection study.
  • Multiphase flow assessment.
  • Corrosion management plan.
  • Testing system design and fabrication for multiphase flow, corrosion, wax, asphaltene and hydrate.
  • Corrosion prediction using ECE.
  • Testing data and report review/analysis.
  • Failure analysis.


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