Flow loops are utilized to study and understand multiphase flow corrosion (e.g. oil/water, oil/water/gas) phenomena and apply the knowledge to field pipeline systems. Another major application for flow loop analysis is flow assurance which aids in allowing the oil to be transported safely from upstream to downstream processes. Understanding of fluid phenomena, corrosions issues, and flow assurance difficulties are of the utmost importance for technically viable field development plans and optimal operations throughout the field.

The design of a flow loop can be simple or complicated depending on applications and testing parameters. To ensure proper flow loop design, a designer should have good background regarding multiphase flow, corrosion and equipment. In addition, the designer should have extensive experience in conducting flow loop tests. Flow loop operations can be highly sensitive to even small, subtle changes, this combination of flow fundamentals, design of flow loops, testing using flow loops, and practical flow effects in operations experience is critical to ensure proper flow loop design and operation.

DSAT got a core expertise team having experience in designing the complex flow loop systems of various types for different applications

Some flow loop applications include:

  • Studies of CO2 corrosion, CO2/H2S corrosion, top of the line corrosion, erosion and erosion/corrosion, flow pattern and flow characteristics
  • Evaluation of materials, wax, hydrate, sand transportation, evaluation of inhibitors, drag reducing agents, chemical compatibility and so on

Our scope of supply:

  • Study of Applications and conditions
  • Selection of Equipment and Materials and Design of the Loop
  • Procurement of Equipment and Materials
  • Loop Fabrication
  • Commissioning
  • Intensive Training for Staff

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