Portable Dissolved Oxygen meter D-70/OM-70 Series


In the lab, in the field or anywhere you need it

Designed for use with one hand and with an IP67 waterproof rating and shock-resistant casing, this meter can be used for long periods, even in dark places, making it ideal  for field measurements in rivers and lakes.

Various functions

Backlit LCD, 2-channel measurement, Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated) , PC connection compatible, Printer output compatible (printer sold separately), Security function, Shock and chemical resistant body case

One hand operation

Slim body fits in your hand. Only three basic operation buttons for one-hand operability. 


Polycarbonate resin* used in automobiles and mobile phones has been adopted to enhance shock resistance.

*Polycarbonate resin has about twice the shock resistance of conventional ABS resin. 

Visible LCD in dark places

Backlight (except D-71) allows reading of measurement values even in the dark.

Waterproof and dustproof

IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof casing.

*IP67: Fully waterproof for approximately 30 min in 1 metre of water.


Extended operation

Uses about 10% of the power compared to conventional meters. With up to 1000 hrs of use*, long periods of field work are possible.


Easy to carry

The compact and ergonomic design is easy to carry and includes a cable winding function for the optional electrode hook attachment. 


The casing is made from shock resistantand extremely durable polycarbonate resin.With high chemical resistance it is ideal for harsh environments.

According to our research as of June 2013.


Easy-to-view large display shows two measurement items simultaneously

The measurement values are easily visible on a display that is about 40% larger than those of our conventional products. Two measurement values can be displayed on a single screen.

*Models compatible with two item measurement: D-73, 74, 75 

Laboratory use capability

The optional electrode stand offers excellent manoeuvrability, allowing the electrode to be moved up and down, and from left to right, easily with one hand.


Chemical resistant

The polycarbonate resin casing is extremely chemicalresistant*, so can be cleaned using alcohol.

*Resistant to alcohol, weak acid, bases and oil.

Various data processing

The built-in data memory can store 1000 items, and connecting to a computer allows measurement data to be collected. Output to a GLP/GMP-compatible printer is also possible.

*An optional cable is necessary to connect to a computer. The software can be downloaded after user registration.
*The D-71 does not have computer and printer connectivity.

 Various functions

LAQUAact boasts a variety of safety and other useful functions to assist with measurements and data processing. For details, see page 16 of the specifications.


Interval measurement function (except D-71)

Sample ID number setting function

Clock function and auto power-off function

Usable with AAA alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries, or AC adapter

[D-70 series]

Automatic calibration and calibration interval alarm function

Usable with both 5-point calibration and USA/NIST standard solutions


Electrical resistivity/total dissolved solids/salt content conversion functions

Automatic range switching, automatic temperature conversion, and unit switching functions

Dissolved Oxygen

Temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure calibration and salt concentration calibration functions

Oxygen concentration and saturated oxygen concentration measurement functions


Download Datasheet


Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

HORIBA's DO electrodes use innovative disposable probe tips. This eliminates the troublesome replacement of membranes and fluid that plagued conventional methods.