OLED Lifetime Test System Model 58131


Key Features
  • Individual PMU for each UUT 
    - Precision sourcing of current/voltage per UUT 
    - Precision measurement unit per UUT 
    - Single UUT failure is self contained, will not interrupt or corrupt other UUT testing
  • Test Function 
    - Electrical Characteristics 
    - Brightness 
    - Programmable driving waveform (Bipolar current/voltage)
  • Automatic testing and data logging 
    - Standard Test System 
    - PXI Chassis with Controller 
    - Modular OLED test cards (one for every two OLED panels) 
    - Maximum 34 UUTs/system
  • Optional Components 
    - Spectrometer unit for in depth optical characterization 
    - Turnkey test solution 
    - Flexible test fixtures (Accept different OLED panel sizes) 
    - Half rack with sliding drawers (4 fixtures per drawer)

The 58131 Lifetime Test System is designed specifically for the OLED industry. Model 58131 provides twoquadrant constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) stimulus to each OLED panel and acquires electrical and optical characteristics automatically. Two independent and isolated precision source-and-measure units (PMU) are incorporated in one modular card, which is capable of testing two OLED panels. Additional instrument cards are added to expand test capacity.

Hot plug and play is a key feature of 58131. When a UUT fails or an instrument card needs to be replaced, 58131 does not have to be shutdown and testing continues for other UUTs. Hot plug and play obviates life test cycle restarts due to isolated faults and significantly improves life test efficiency. We firmly believe that hot plug and play capability should be mandatory for all lifetime test systems.

58131 is based on PXI, the state of the art open platform for modular instrumentation. Spectrometer modules can be added for in depth optical characterization. As a matter of fact, other PXI instrument cards can be added to make the system extremely versatile and flexible.

58131 comes with a simple to use windowing graphical interface. Configuration of stimulus voltage, current, duty cycle, calibration, and test intervals can be changed easily. Adjustable measurement frequency at different time intervals allows rapid sampling at initial stages and lengthened measurement period later on. Report generation, including graphical data presentation is available to facilitate data analysis. 58131 software is comprehensive enough for R&D in depth characterization, yet simple enough for production on-going reliability test operation.

58131 is housed in a half height 19" rack with drawers for UUT placement. Each drawer contains several fixtures. Ingenious fixture design accommodates UUT of different sizes and allows quick placement and extraction of OLED panels. Display monitor and keyboard are placed on top of the rack. With an 18-slot chassis, up to 34 UUTs can be tested simultaneously.

58131 OLED Lifetime Test System offers good test capacity in a very small footprint, isolated PMU for each panel, and comprehensive software with a friendly user interface. Without a doubt, it is the best OLED test solution in the market.

Hardware li>8/14/18-slot PXI Chassis li>52941 533MHz/52942 800MHz Embedded li>PC Controller li>52951 Two-Quadrant Source-Measure Card li>Optional 19" Rack li>Optional 15" LCD Monitor li>Optional Mouse and keyboard

The test system provides a WindowsTM interface for easy configuration of all electrical & optical tests. Each test comprises: li>Multiple stimulus configuration li>Real time test data presentation in tabular and li>graphical forms li>Up to 34 UUTs li>Brightness calibration li>Automatic test termination when brightness test limit is reached

Customized Test Fixture li>19" Rack Mount configuration li>Up to 34 test fixtures in drawers li>Flexible fixture design allows for different li>OLED panel sizes

Independent calibration data for each channel

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Device Power Supply - Model 52310e series

Key Features


Chroma 52310e Series i s a programmabl e PXI-Express DPS (Device Power Supply) Card designed for high-accuracy and reliable output power for device test applications. Its compact size, easy level of integration, and high flexibility make the 52310e Series ideal for multi-channel power supplies.

Chroma 52310e Series features 8 selectable control bandwidths to ensure high speed output and stable operation; multiple current measurement ranges with a 20-bit DAC/ADC provide the highest resolution and accuracy with a sampling rate up to 600K S/sec; programmable internal series resistance for battery simulation.

Chroma 52310e DPS series has a patented hardware sequence engine that has deterministic t iming to cont rol each DPS channel. The sequencer's on-board memory can store up to 1024 sequencer commands and 32k measurement samples per channel.

Each 52310e DPS card can be configured to load-share by connecting channels in parallel. This enables users to achieve higher output currents on the same card.

A versatile soft front panel and C / C# / LabVIEW / LabWindows APIs are provided for rapid test development and deployment. The back connector is compatible with both PXIe and hybrid chassis slots. All of these features enable easy integration to PXIe or PXI-hybrid systems designed for a wide range of applications.

Chroma 52310e Series programmable device power supplies are designed specifically for test applications that demand precision output voltage/current and tightly coupled measurement capabilities. It provides a cost-effective solution ideal for a broad range of design and production appl i cat ions such as semi conduc tor and components manufacturing.

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High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU) - Model 52400 series

Key Features


The Chroma 52400 series is PXI based SMU (Source Measurement Unit) card designed for highly accurate source or load simulation with high precision voltage and current measurements.

SMU combines four-quadrant-source with high precision and high speed measurement. This unique capability makes a SMU the ideal instrument in many parametric test applications ranging from ICs, two-leaded components such as sensors, LEDs, Laser Diodes, Transistors, Solar cells, Batteries and many other electronics devices.

To meet various test requirements, the 52400 series has 16 control bandwidths allowing user selection of a stable operation, multi-ranges combined with 18 bit DAC/ADC provide the best programming and measurement resolution and accuracy available at a sampling rate of up to 100k s/S. Special programmable output resistance allows user to set as internal series resistance of a battery thus makes Chroma 52400 series SMU an ideal tool acting as a battery simulator.

±force, ±sense and ±guards lines are standard to avoid leakage current and reduce settling time especially for the mobile IC and Sensor test applications requiring very low current.

The 52400 series has a built-in patented hardware sequence engine that uses deterministic timing to control each SMU. This sequencer comes with built-in 32k readings storage memory, it allows for cross module/card synchronization and latency free output control and measurement. This measurement is possible as no PC communication needed during test process.

C/C# and Various versions of LabView/ LabWindows APIs plus versatile soft front panel are offered as standard accessories. The back connectors are compatible with both PXI and PXIe chassis. All of these features enable easiest integration to PXI or PXIe systems designed for any application.

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High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU) - Model 52400e series

Key Features



The Chroma 52400e series is a PXIe based SMU (Source Measurement Unit) card designed for highly accurate source or load simulation with precision voltage and current measurements.

The SMU combines four-quadrant operation with precision and high speed measurement. This makes the SMU an ideal instrument in many parametric test applications ranging from ICs, two-leaded components such as sensors, LEDs, laser diodes, transistors, to solar cells, batteries and many other electronic devices.

The 52400e series features: 16 selectable control bandwidths to ensure high speed output and stable operation; multiple source/measure ranges with an 18-bit DAC/ADC to provide the best resolution and accuracy available with a sampling rate up to 100K s/S; programmable internal series resistance for battery simulation; ±force, ±sense and ±guards lines to avoid leakage current and reduce settling time -- especially useful for low current test applications.

The 52400e series has a patented hardware sequence engine that uses deterministic timing to control each SMU. The sequencer's on-board memory can store up to 65535 sequencer commands and 32k measurement samples per channel, allowing cross module/ card synchronization and latency free output control and measurement. No PC communication is required during execution of the hardware sequencer test process.

C, C#, LabView, LabWindows APIs and versatile soft front panels come standard with each SMU. The back connectors are compatible with both PXIe and hybrid chassis. All of these features enable easy integration to PXIe or PXI-hybrid systems designed for a wide range of applications.

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Programmable DC Power Supply - Model 52912/52914

Key Features

Applications: Power Supply Test / Semiconductor Test / Battery Test / Component Test

Chroma 52912/52914 programmable DC power supplies are designed specifically for test applications that demand precision output voltage/current and tightly coupled measurement capabilities. Chroma 52912/52914 provides you a good return on investment. The versatile design and world-class performance of Chroma 52912/52914 make them ideal for a broad range of design and production applications in markets as diverse as communications, semiconductor, and components manufacturing.

Measurement Function 
In operation, the measurement capabilities include quickly setting I/V and then measuring I/V automatically without processor intervention. 52912/52914 has hardware built sequence list that can execute command and store data in FiFO without processor action. With the tight integration of a Chroma 52912/52914, you'll get high speeds for high throughput and high measurement accuracy and repeatability for yield integrity.

Power Levels 
The 52912/52914 Programmable power supplies provide two independent and isolated 60W(MAX) supplies, and each channel is programmable from 0-48VDC to a maximum of 2.0 Amps. The 52912/52914 include programmable current limit to protect critical UUT's from excessive current, output will automatically switch into constant current mode when limit is reached. For greater power or voltage applications, channels can be connected in series or parallel.

Input Power 
To avoid excess power draw from the PXI backplane, the 52912 draws input power (+56VDC) via front panel connections. This approach not only minimizes power required from the backplane but also maintains complete isolation between backplane logic and power conversion circuitry for noise immunity. For applications where +56VDC is not available, Chroma 52912 provides an optional AC-DC adapter which allows the instrument to be operate from 100~240VAC mains. Chroma 52914 incorporates the AC-DC converter circuit on board. Universal power (100~240VAC) is applied to the front panel directly in order to produce the dual isolated programmable outputs.

Compliant to PXI and cPCI Standards 
The 52912/52914 Programmable power supplies comply with the latest PXI Revision 2.0 specifications of the PXI System Alliance (PXISA) as well as the CompactPCI specifications as defined by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturing Group (PICMG). Thus, the 52912/52914 may be used in either PXI or CompactPCI mainframes.

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High Speed PXIe Digital IO Card - Model 33010

Key Features


Chroma 33010 is a high-density 100MHz PXIe digital IO card designed for characterizing, validating, and testing a variety of digital and mixed-signal ICs. Each IO card consists of a Sequencer Pattern Generator (SQPG) and 32 channels of full ATE-like features. The 33010 IO card is expandable up to 256 channels. Some unique features of the 33010 include an on-board SQPG, per pin timing/levels/ PMU/TFMU, multiple time domains, and multithreaded testing for complex IC testing. Each channel is also equipped with 64M vector memory, 16 timing sets with on-the-fly timing change, and per pin timing and frequency measurements up to 400 MHz.

Proprietary Software, CRAFT_PXI and other rich features of software support

In addition to LabView and LabWindows support, Chroma provides a proprietary software option, CRAFT_PXI, for Windowsbased systems. CRAFT_PXI contains a full set of production tools and user debugging tools. The production tools include ease-of-use GUI software with an Operator Interface, Test Data Output, Binning and Sequence Control, Wafer Map, Summary Tool, and rich sets of prober/ handler drivers. The user debugging tools include a Data Logger, Debug Plan, TCM, Shmoo, Pattern Editor, Waveform, and more. A CAD to ATE pattern conversion tool is also supported to cover WGL/STIL/VCD/EVCD conversions.

Addressing the emerging market and test cost challenges

With a high-density per pin and per site architecture, full suite of ATE Pin Electronics (PE) card functions, expandable channel count, and a rich set of software support, the 33010 digital IO card will help users address the emerging market and test cost challenges. 33010 PXIe cards can be easily adopted with other PXI/PXIe solutions such as RF, SMUs, and Mixed-signal cards to address a variety of applications such as MCUs, Sensors, RF ICs, PMICs, or ICs with combined functions.

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Programmable Pin Electronics Module - Model 36010

Key Features


The 36010 is a 100MHz programmable pin electronic module designed for characterizing, validating and testing digital and mixed signal IC or electronics. Each module consists of a Sequence Pattern Generator and Logic Pin Electronics Card containing 8 channels. The 36010 module is expandable to provide up to 64 channels hardware resource for various purposes. Besides, based on the per-pin architecture, each channel is equipped with 32M vector memory, 32 sets of clocks, 32 sets of waveforms and one PMU channel. It provides fast and accurate testing, with same performance and features as other stand ATE equipment.

Sequence Pattern Generator 
The Sequence Pattern Generator of the 36010 module provides more than 17 sequence commands including “jump”, “match”, “ loop”, “repeat”, ⋯ etc, to control the flow of pattern execution. It equips with 32M sequence command memory, which allows each vector to has its own sequence command to control the flow of pattern execution flexibly. Besides, each Sequence Pattern Generator can support up to 8 Logic Pin Electronics Cards, which means it can support up to 64 I/O channels and performs testing on 8 DUT simultaneously.

Logic Pin Electronics Card 
In each Logic Pin Electronics Card, it adopts Chroma® PINF ICs on it to achieve high timing accuracy and flexible waveform output functions. The per-pin timing generator provides 32 sets of clock containing 6 programmable edges. As for the per-pin waveform generator, it provides each digital I/O channel 32 sets of programmable waveform with the change-one-the-fly feature. In the analog function, the Logic Pin Electronics card has the tri-level driver and comparator with 610uV programmable resolution. It also equips with active load, per-pin PMU and high voltage driver functions. Moreover, the 36010 supports scan pattern function for scan test.

Proprietary Software, CRISP 
In addi t ion to suppor t the L abVi ew and LabWindows environments, Chroma® also provides the proprietary software option, CRISP. To cover the various requirements for the IC debugging, CRISP contains lots of software modules. Running on the Microsoft Windows XP® operation system and using C++ as the test program language, CRISP provides users the flexible, easy-to-use and fast-runtime GUI software to meet the various demands. The project IDE tool makes it easy to create the test program quickly. In the test program debugging stage, CRISP provides the suite of debugging software tools for user, which includes Plan Debugger, Datalog, Waveform, Scope, SHMOO, Pin Margin, Wafer Map, Summary, Histogram, STDF, Test Condition Monitor, Pattern Editor, and so on.

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DUT Power Supply - Model 36020

Key Features


The 36020 is a programmable DUT power supply in a single-slot 3U PXI module. Each 36020 features 4 channels with the ability to source voltage and measure current. There are two selectable voltage ranges, +5V/-2V and +10V/-2V, with 16-bit resolution for programming the voltage output. In order to provide better a c cur a c y, 36020 prov ide s s i x s e l e c t abl e current ranges including ±5μA, ±25μA, ± 250μA, ±2.5mA, ±25mA and ±250mA with 18-bit resolution for the current measurement functionality. Moreover, the board-to-board isolation design makes it possible to source the larger voltage than 10V by the series connection with multiple 36020 modules. The versatile supply rails and high accuracy make 36020 an excellent general-purpose, power supply for design validation and manufacturing test application. Especially, the extraordinary accuracy in the small current measurement makes the 36020 very suitable for semiconductor IC test.

Power Supply with Precision Source and Measurement Capability 
The 36020 uses a combination of switching and linear regulation to provide the excellent voltage source and accuracy. It has the ability to source voltage from each of its four outputs. It can be programmed in 113μV steps on the +5V/-2V range and 189μV steps on the +10V/-2V channels. As a current measure unit, it can measure in minimum 47.6pA resolution on each channel in the ±5μA current range. You can use this impressive level of current resolution in many power supply applications.

Proprietary Software, CRISP
In addi t ion to suppor t the LabView and LabWindows environment, Chroma® provides the front panel tool of the 36020 for users to quickly troubleshoot or debug. Users can moni tor or refer the set t ing of the 36020 through this front panel tool. Besides, Chroma ® also provides the proprietary software option, CRISP, for the 36020 to meet the demands of users for various purposes. Based on Microsoft Windows XP® operat ion sys tem and C++ programming language, CRISP provides the powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive, and fast-runtime GUI tools for users. For the test debugging and data analyzing purposes, CRISP provides users the abundant software modules for the 36020, including Datalog, SHMOO, Summary, Histogram, STDF and Test Condition Monitor.

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General Purpose Chassis - Model 52100 series

Key Features

The PXI-52100 platform features the industry- standard, 8-slot/14-slot/18-slot PXI/ CompactPCI backplane integrated into a 3U Eurorack enclosure with a bay for removable power supplies.

With hot pluggable power supplies and optional battery packs, 52100 offers the widest application range of all chassis on the market.

Mounting attachment locations allow the PXI-52100 to be mounted against a wall or bulkhead, with the card cage extended in front for easy access to adapter card. The rear of the card cage is enclosed to protect the backplane from contamination as well as provide shielding for RFi/EMI.

Power Supplies The PXI-52100 chassis accepts removable power supply modules of the cPWR series. The power connector is a PCI 47M 400A1 connector, compliant with PICMG 2.11 Power Interface Specification standard, a mechanically and electrically roBust connector.

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PXI Extension Card - Model 52906

Key Features

The function of PXI extension card is to extend the PXI backplane signal outside of the chassis. Inserting the PXI card to extension card can easily check or measure the PXI card's signal under power on condition, which resolves the problems of inconvenient inspection due to the PXI card inside the chassis for RD or maintenance personnel. PXI extension card is able to isolate the voltage and signals sent to the PXI card for hot swap when the system is powered on. Every time the extension card activates it can supply the power required for PXI initialization. It eliminates the need for rebooting PC when users read and re-write the configuration files.

PXI extension card allows users to measure the voltage consumption power of PXI standard 5 sets voltage easily using the voltage meter. The extension card has over current protection circuit that can prevent the system backplane and other related components from damage once the PXI card malfunctions. Jumpers on the extension card are available for users to define the current range for protection; in addition an outward power connector is attached to supply the power externally instead of using the backplane power.

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