Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer

Model 13100

Key Features
  • C meter provides Z/C/D/Q/ESR parameters for test
  • Available 7 test frequencies from 100~100kHz for selection
  • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
  • The thin-film withstand voltage results can be displayed in graph by converting them to an actual rising curve
  • CPK calculation function for 1000 capacitor test results that is convenient for analyzing the production capability
  • 320 x 240 dot-matrix LCD display
  • 200 sets of internal memories and 4M SRAM interface card for saving and recalling the parameter settings
  • Designed for100mΩ range with accuracy measurement up to 0.1mΩ
  • Non-Relay switch is built in. It is safe and reliable as the discharge circuit is close to the fixed power
  • Perform electric polarity test before charge to avoid the danger of explosion
  • Softpanel for leakage current data statistics analysis
  • Equipped with RS-232, printer and scanner controller interfaces
  • Meet the test regulation of EIAJ RC-2364A
  • A131001 scan box has four terminals designed for measuring accurate high frequency and low impedance

The Chroma 13100 Electrolytic Capacitor ORDERING INFORMATION Analyzer is a general measurement instrument designed for analyzing the features of electrolytic capacitor s. It has multiple func tions that can be programmed based on the capacitor features by altering the settings to test metal oxidization thin-film withstand voltage, capacitor leakage current, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance and equivalent serial resistance, etc.

Used with the special designed sequential switch test box A131001, it can complete the test for multiple capacitors or aluminum foil rapidly, accurately and simultaneously in a short time without changing any test wire.

The repor t printing function is capable of printing the test results correctly and completely; and the built-in data calculation function can compute the test data of the product instantly for CPK analysis. To avoid the inefficient calculation proce s s done manua l l y, a te s t sof twa r e application is also available for you to create a quality report easily. It meets the EIAJ RC-2364A regulations for electrolytic capacitor test and is a test instrument of choice.

Chroma A131001 is a sequential switch test box of ten channels specially designed for Chroma 13100. Each test socket on the test box is implemented with Kelvin measurement, which is suitable for the precise measurement requirement for low impedance and low leakage current. With the SCAN function in 13100 it is able to control the C, D, Q, Z, ESR and LC tests for electrolytic capacitor to be done consecutively without switching the capacitor manually. This increases the test efficiency significantly as it costs only 1/10 of the original test time.

Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter (CLC/IR Meter)

Model 11200

Key Features
  • Capacitor leakage current test function
  • Insulation resistance (IR) test function
  • Basic accuracy: 0.3%
  • Constant current DC power source with discharge function
  • Forward voltage function for diode, LED, zener diode and varistor
  • Surge voltage test function for electrolytic capacitor (JIS C5101/5102/5140/5141)
  • Option contact check function to improve test reliability
  • Aluminum-foil withstand voltage and risetime test function (for EIAJ RC-2364A)
  • Precision low constant current charge capability (0.5mA ±0.05mA, meet EIAJ RC-2364A requirement for withstand voltage testing of lower WV aluminum-foil)
  • Large charge current (500mA) capability to fasten charge speed
  • 1.0V~650V/800V DC voltage source
  • 0.001uA~20.00mA leakage current test range with 4 digits resolution
  • Digital timer inside
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & handler interface


  • Various electrolytic capacitors, high dielectric ceramic capacitor, etc.
  • Aluminum-foil withstand voltage test (for EIAJ RC-2364A)
  • Semiconductor component leakage current test or insulation resistance test
  • Insulation resistance test of various anti-static electric materials or non-ultrahigh insulation materials (IR

The 11200 Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter is Chroma's newest digital leakage cur rent meter. I t provides DC 1~650V, 0 . 5~5 0 0mA ( 1 5 0mA f o r V>1 0 0V) o r DC1~800V, 0.5~500mA (50mA for V>100V) DC power source wi th vol tage meter and nano-ampere meter. Mainly used for electrolytic capacitor leakage current testing, and aluminum-foil withstand voltage testing (EIAJ RC-2364A). And also can be used for active voltage checking or leakage current testing of absorber, zener diode, neon lamp, etc. Standard RS-232 interface, optional GPIB & Handler interface, high speed and stable measurement capabilities enable the Chroma 11200 can be used for both component evaluat ion on the product ion l ine and fundamental leakage current or IR testing for bench-top applications.

1~650V, 150mA/500mA or 1~800V, 50mA/500mA Low Noise DC Voltage Source

A low noise linear power supply is designed in the Chroma 11200. The DC output voltage range is from 1.0V to 650V/800V, which covers low WV capacitor leakage current testing and aluminum-foil withstand voltage testing range. The maximum charge current is 500mA/100V, 150mA/650V or 50mA/800V, provides quick charge for large capacitor testing.

Precision Low Constant Current Charge Capability (0.5mA ±0.05mA)

In general, the aluminum elec t roly t i c capacitor's anode oxide-foil is using extremely low constant current (0.5mA, 1mA or 2mA ±10% depending on the type of the foil, defined by EIAJ RC-2364A standard) to test foil withstand voltage (Vt) and rise time (Tr).The Chroma 11200 provides constant charge current low to 0.5mA with high stability.

0.001μA~20.00mA Leakage Current Test Range with 4 Digits Resolution

A 0.001uA to 20mA tes t r ange nanoampere meter is built in the Chroma 11200. It is proper to be used for leakage current or IR testing of electrolytic capacitor and high dielectric ceramic capacitors. And the extremely low input resistance (the lowest is 0 ohm) design enables high speed testing for high capacitance device LC or IR testing.

Output Voltage Monitor

The Chroma 11200 always keeps monitoring the real output voltage no matter in the test or setup operation status for safety of the operator. In addition to display the real output voltage in TEST page, an error message shows up in case the output voltage abnormally exceeds 10 volts in other operation pages.

65W/50W Semi-constant Power Discharge Circuit

A 65W/50W semi-constant power discharge circuit is built in the Chroma 11200 for high speed and complete discharge after test. It satisfies quick discharge requirement for charged large capacitors.

Built-in RS-232 Interface and Optional GPIB & Handler Interface

The Chroma 11200 built-in RS-232 interface can be used in R&D or QC for remote control and tested data fetch. And, GPIB & handler interface (A110235) is optional for automation.


Download Datasheet

Ripple Current Tester

Model 11800/11801/11810

Key Features
  • Digital constant current output and constant peak voltage output control function
  • Four terminal contact test jig design, ensure accurate monitoring of voltage dropped on capacitors under test (patent pending)
  • Paired cooper-foil wiring test cable to reduce voltage drop on the current driving loop and to ensure accurate monitoring of ac level dropped on capacitors under test (patent pending)
  • 0-500 V DC bias voltage source, 0.3% basic accuracy
  • 0.01~30A, 100Hz/120Hz/400Hz/1kHz AC ripple current source, (±0.5% reading+0.1% of range) basic accuracy (Model 11800)
  • 0.01~10A, 20kHz~100kHz AC ripple current source, 2% basic accuracy (Model 11801)
  • 0.03~10A, 20kHz~1MHz AC ripple current source (Model 11810)
  • Monitoring software (option) for multiple Ripple Current Testers
  • Lower power consumption and lower electricity cost
  • Large LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix)
  • Alarm for indicating of normal or abnormal test termination, Tested time will be recorded if the test is terminated abnormally. An automatic discharge is always performed after test termination
  • Standard RS485 interface is provided for computer monitoring
  • Optional 20-fixtures Series or Parallel test jigs
  • Digital timer inside
  • CE marking (Model 11800/11801)

The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 Ripple Current Tester is a precision tester designed for electrolytic capacitors load life testing. Provides constant ripple current output and constant peak voltage (Vpeak = Vdc + Vac_peak) output digital control function. Let load life testing for electrolytic capacitors becomes easier and more reliable. And, The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 use excellent output amplifier design technology to reduce power consumption and internal temperature rising. For long time testing requirement, it can reduce electricity cost and perform high stability. The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 is a just right test solution for electrolytic quality evaluation.

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