Surface treatment Chemicals

Offer various surface treatment chemicals which  add value to steel product.

Lubrication resin for automotive steel sheet, Galvalume resin for construction, Color resin, EG Anti-fingerprint resin for home appliance, Flux for pipe, White rust inhibitor for galvanized pipe.

Environment Friendly Surface Treatments


Galvalume/GI Cr-free


It is applied to the Galvalume / GI steel sheet to form a corrosion resistant coating. Environment-friendly Cr-Free product, It applies construction materials, home appliances, automotive steel sheet.

  • Organic GI Cr-free
  • InOrganic GI Cr-free
  • UNICOAT-GCF-2003
  • UNI-GCF-200

Environment Friendly Eco Black Resin

Developed a environment friendly water-soluble paint by removing the "VOC of oil-based paint. It is applied to TV, motor case. (Samsung Electronics quality certified products).
  • UNICOAT-EB-722e