Process Chemicals

Provide high-performance Process Chemicals for all industries.

Process Solution

Eco-friendly, Cost-saving, High-performance product used for industrial process, Degreasing agent for Pre-Treatment, Environmental Pollution Improvement Product, Cooling Water Treatment Product, Waste Water Treatment Product.



RDI is a high functional product that improves productivity of blast furnace as preventing sintered ore from differentiation in blast furnace.











Machine Cleaners

This product has excellent capability of removing oil, grease and other contaminants of machine parts or rolls. Also it's safe because this one is nonflammable and not explosive. This product is developed instead of diesel, cleaning purpose, and is supeior, harmless










Stabilized Peroxide

This product is a alternating product of nitric acid used when doing acid cleaning process of stainless steel production. Differ from nitric acid, this is eco-friendly. It produces no Nox and no total nitrogen which is water pollutant.











Environmental Chemicals

Dry Sorbent for Flue Gas Desulphyrization

Above sintering waste gas, desulfurizing agent for removing sulfur oxides is developed through Joint venture technology development project of Small and Medium Business Administration. This product helps collect air pollutant Sox.










Coagulent for Water Treatment

This product coagulates pollutants in water and do floc coarsening.













This product removes bad smell of hydrogen sulfide caused by cooling process of blast furnace slag.












Process Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Antiscaling & Anticorrosive Agents

There is Indirect Open Recirculating Cooling System Product, Indirect Closed Recirculating cooling System product and Direct Open Recirculating Cooling System product. These goods control corrosion and scale of pipe and heat exchanger effectively.











Microorganism Treatment Agents

This product prevents barrier of microorganism, one of the three great barriers of process cooling water. There is oxidative bactericide and dysoxidative bactericide.











Furnace Antiscales

Furnace antiscale restrain scale produced ingredients and modify DO and PH which are scale produced ingredients so that furnace can avoid scale obstacle of furnace water system.












Paper Manufacturing Chemicals

Dispersant for Paper Manufacture


Obstacles caused by scale are severe due to the characteristic of paper making process - high hardness, high temperature, high alkali so outstanding dispersant that can control Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Oxalate scale is indispensable.










Peroxide Stabilizer

Peroxide stabilizer used for bleaching process. It controls metalic ions and prevents consuming of peroxide. Also helps improvement of whiteness.












General Chemicals

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Baking Soda)

Sodium hydrogen carbonate is widely used such as food additives, base meterial of detergent, absorbent for acid vapor neutralization.













Urea has been widely used for a nitrometer ferilizer. But recently urea is used as a reducing agent at selective catalytic reduction which reduces air contaminant, nitrogenous compound.