RediSep® Rf Media


Teledyne Isco’s reliable RediSep® Rf preparative chromatography products are designed to consistently produce high purity compounds. 



RediSep Rf columns are precision-packed for high resolution and reproducibility. They feature a one-piece design with no cumbersome or expensive adapters, valves, barrels, or other accessories. Luer end fittings provide quick, easy connection to Teledyne Isco CombiFlash systems and other instrument systems and manual setups. You’ll enjoy fast, easy purification and scale-up from milligrams to tens of grams. RediSep Rf columns are not HPLC columns, rather they are designed for high capacity purification. 

Normal-phase and C-18 Reversed-phase RediSep Rf columns are commonly used by synthetic organic chemists. RediSep Rf Gold silica gel and C18 columns deliver greater resolution for difficult purifications or faster, solvent-saving runs. Teledyne Isco also has specialty RediSep Rf columns available as alternative media, offering chemists a wide range of stationary phases to address the most challenging flash chromatography purifications. 

  • RediSep® Normal-phase Silica Flash Columns

    • High-resolution and reproducibility for your normal-phase separations

  • RediSep Rf Gold® Normal-Phase Silica

    • High-performance spherical media for sharper peaks and faster purifications

  • RediSep® Rf Alumina

    • For acid sensitive compounds subject to degradation on normal-phase silica

  • RediSep® Rf Reversed-phase C18

    • Purify medium to high-polarity compounds – without HPLC cost or complexity

  • RediSep Rf Gold® Reversed-phase C18

    • High performance columns for difficult medium to high-polarity compound separations

  • RediSep Rf Gold® Amine

    • High performance normal- or reversed-phase purification of compounds with basic properties

  • RediSep Rf Gold® Cyano

    • Versatile, intermediate polarity media

  • RediSep Rf Gold® Diol

    • High performance media for difficult separations of low- to medium-polarity samples

  • RediSep® Rf SCX

    • Fully retains basic compounds

  • RediSep® Rf SAX

    • Fully retains acidic compounds


TLC Plates

RediSep Rf glass-backed TLC plates exactly match the media used in RediSep Rf columns. Identical physico-chemical properties assure that TLC results transfer directly to column chromatography, expediting your method development. From TLC trials to preparative purifications, RediSep Rf allows you to consistently produce more pure compound in less time. 

  • RediSep® TLC Plates
    • Exact match to RediSep Rf column media


Solid Load Cartridges

RediSep Rf solid load cartridges are just the right thing for purification of insoluble samples. They offer the convenience of applying your sample directly to the silica bed. We’ve recently added additional sizes of pre-p acked cartridges to give you even more flexibility in sample loading. 

  • Solid Load Cartridges
    • Available prepacked or empty to fill with your own sorbent
  • Solid Load Sample Cartridge Dryer
    • Quickly remove solvents from solid load cartridges