Salt Misty Chamber Model: KD-ST04-1020


Internal dimension 1300 X 1200 X 1800 10 (W X D X H )m/m

Electricity: 220V Single 3KW 50/60 Hz


Chamber: SUS #316L Stainless Steel, 1mm thickness.

Tightly seal door: SUS#316L stainless steel 1mm thickness with transparent window to check the salt misty level.

Refill compound is concealed with water level meter, easily clean and robust.

Saturated Air tank is SUS#304 stainless steel maintain High pressure constant temperature

The inner frame can make adjustment angle 20 +/- 5 degrees, uniform level of foggy mist from the surrounding walls. Able to put more DUT

External using SUS#304 Stainless steel surface

Temperature control:

As per CNS, JIS, ASTM standard, temp can be adjusted

Salt Spray: NSS, ACSS

  • Chamber: 35℃ ± 1℃
  • Saturation Air Tank: 47℃ ± 1℃

Anti corrosion: CASS

  • Chamber: 50℃ ± 1℃
  • Saturation Air Tank: 63℃ ± 1℃

Air type supply with air pressure of 1 kg/cm2 s with two portions:

First for course tuning, and 2nd for fine tuning.Equipped with air filter.

Fog (Mist) Spray method:

Using Bonute’s theory with salt water evaporate into misty fog with salt content. The density of the salt to maintain evenly spread, no obstacles of unwanted level for continuity of preset level as per ASTM, JIS, DIN, CNS, ISO standard.

Spray head: Using customized glass type head, can make adjustment of the volume and angle. 

Spraying volume: Adjustable from 1~2 ml 80Cm3/hr (16 hrs average)

Fog clearing method: Using air pressure


Heating system:

Water heating way as per CNS, JIS, ASTM standard, with auto on/off feature, accurate and less consumption of electricity.


Control System:

  • Chamber temp: 0 ~99.9C with Display, PID auto calculation with error ±0.3℃.
  • Saturated Air temperature: 0~99.9C with display, PID, error ±0.3℃.
  • Heating tank liquid expanded Safety Temp. Control 0~120C
  • Saturated Air Tank Safety Temp control 0~120C
  • Digital timer control 9.9 s~ 9990 H
  • Timer: 0~9999.9 Hr (Made in Japan)
  • High-quality pressure adjustment device: With air cleaning filter.
  • (H) Pressure meter: 2.5 Kg/cm2 with +/- 0.01kg/cm2

Safety Device:

  • Power supply auto cut off when low water level reached
  • Overheating cutoff automatically
  • Alarm and safety device installed.
  • Low salt level alarm