Solar Cell Inspection


Processed wafers and solar cells suffer from a variety of invisible defects which reduce their output power and long-term stability. The highly sensitive inspection systems from greateyes image these problems. This allows you to optimise the production, increase output power and reduce overall costs. Furthermore greateyes inspection systems integrate a variety of different inspection methods in a compact, safe, and low-maintenance device. They are used for detailed characterisation of solar cells in the production as well as in research and development.

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Wafer Inspection

Raw wafers and processed wafers exhibit a variety of invisible defects which reduce the performance and stability of the end product, for example in solar cell production. The greateyes inspection systems image these problems. Photoluminescence imaging has become an indispensable tool for non invasive, contactless quality control and optimisation along the process chain of solar cell manufacturing. The offered systems deliver spatially resolved information about important material properties and are therefore a valueable tool for production as well as research and development.

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Lumi Solar Professional Inline

LSA automation and greateyes offer an advanced LumiSolarProfessional (LSP) inline inspection system for pre-laminates and solar modules. The tool is not only capable to detect micro cracks, low intensity cells and contaminations, it also determines misaligned bus bars, rotated solar cells and other quality issues fastly.

The LSP Inline system exhibits a fast cycle time below 30sec including feed-in, inspection, automatic defect recognition, pass/fail decision and unloading. The unique design of the tool provide significant higher throughput and analysis power compared to conventional in-line EL inspection tools. Precise quality control, higher yield and cost savings are the main reason for implementing the machine in the production line. In contrast to other vendors the new inspection system uses two scientific greateyes cameras in combination with high-throughput objectives allowing for fast detection of the weak electroluminescence. Furthermore an innovative automatic image analysis software provides superior performance in the detection of failures within pre-laminates or solar modules.

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Lumi Solar Professional

The LumiSolarProfessional Series allows flexible electroluminescence (EL) Characterisation of Solar modules and Strings of many different types and sizes. Scientific, low noise cameras with high-performance objectives are employed for electroluminescence measurements, resulting in an excellent image quality with true 16bit dynamic range. Therefore all defects are imaged with high contrast and in great detail, even weak inhomogenities can be precisely identified. The various models of the LumiSolarProfessional Series differ with respect to measurement design and resolution, matching each individual application in the optimal way. The software can be equipped optionally with an automatic image analysis and defect identification module. Typical application areas for the LumiSolarProfessional Series include off-line inspection in production, piecewise receiving and outgoing inspection, quality assurance as well as sophisticated research and development.

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Lumi Solar Outdoor

The award-winning LumiSolarOutdoor system enables to investigate the quality of solar modules on-site. Defects can be identified quickly. Modules don‘t need to be demounted from their substructure. Measurements can be performed directly in the solar park or at rooftop PV installation after twilight or during the night. In contrast to other systems the LumiSolar-Outdoor system does not require a dark box or enclosure. It is the first system capable of performing measurements in the open air, thus saving time and cost. Moreover damages due to transportation are prevented.

There are two versions of the LumiSolar-Outdoor system available. A battery powered equipment enables to measure single solar modules without the need of an external power supply, providing greatest flexibility. A complete string of solar modules can be measured in a stepwise procedure using the line-powered Lumi-SolarOutdoor system if an external power supply is accessible. The LumiSolarOutdoor Line-powered allows a higher inspection throughput.

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Lumi Solar Mobile

The LumiSolarMobile system is a multi-purpose electroluminescence inspection system for solar cells and solar modules. Micro-cracks, cell failures, inhomogeneities and other defects which are extremely difficult to detect visually can be detected clearly. The LumiSolarMobile system is a lightweight and portable device and allows quick mounting and easy transport.

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