PID Test System



1. Hardware Device

  • Damp heat chamber
  • Safety Tester (spec as following)
  • Thermal coupler
  • Data acquisition (PC/meter/thermal coupler)


Instrument Type



Brand/Model/Serial Number/Asset No.

(Dielectric Analyzer)

Voltage: 0~6KVdc,0~5KVac
Insulation: 0~1000M Ohm
Timer: 60sec
Leakage: 0~10mAdc, 0.2~30mAac

Voltage: ±1.5% (0-1KV),
Timer: ±1%
Resistance: ±5% (>1M ohm)
Leakage: ±1.5%



2. Connection & Test Method (Add 1000V)

  • Test modules into climate chamber
  • Wrap module with copper
  • Get all modules positive pole and negative pole twist together
  • Add 1000V to DUT
  • Check any leakage happen