Exposure Units

TSE Systems supplies various types of exposure units – Head Nose Only, Snout Only and Whole Body units as well as exposure units for cell cultures. The unit design is adapted to the individual test assay.

Standard versions of the exposure units are provided for rodents and some larger animals; other versions are available according to the user’s specifications. Small or larger numbers of animals can be used, depending on system design and size.

Standardized modular components connected to the exposure units permit working with liquid and dust aerosols, vapors and special applications such as metered dosage inhalers.

Tests can be carried out with a slight vacuum or slight overpressure in the exposure unit.

Key Features

  • Homogeneous concentration profile via uniform aerosol distribution and good aerodynamic performance
  • Core construction made of robust stainless steel, seals can be adapted to withstand aggressive test substances
  • Suitable animal cages made from different materials and in the required dimensions
  • Basic number of measuring ports, sample ports according to the exposure unit design – extension on request
  • Connections for exhaust air and cleaning residues outlet at the base of the units
  • Customer support in the selection of a suitable exposure unit for the particular exposure experiment

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