IntelliCage by NewBehavior

IntelliCage by NewBehavior allows automated cognitive and behavioral screening of mutant or treated mice living in social groups.

As one of the biggest sources of experimental 'noise' comes from the scientist measuring behavior, the IntelliCage aspires to minimize the human factor.

IntelliCage allows normal social behavior of mice and respects animal welfare. Your mice will act and react more naturally in an undisturbed environment while living in their normal social circle – increasing the quality and comparability of your data while minimizing your effort!

Key Features

  • Fully automated screening for behavioral and cognitive functions of mice living in social groups in a home cage equipped with 4 programmable operant corners
  • Transponder technology permits assessment of individual performance
  • High level of standardization achieved by minimizing human disturbance and performing automated monitoring
  • Allows uninterrupted short- or long-term monitoring
  • Permits investigators to focus on mechanistic analysis of detected effects
  • Animal friendly: group living reduces "stereotypes", more natural behavior can be observed
  • User friendly software modules: no detailed behavioral know-how necessary
  • Comprehensive Basic Software
  • FlowR-IntelliCage Basic bundle Analysis Software by XBehavior
  • IntelliCage for Rats using the same proven technology
  • AnimalGate for individually controlled access to new arenas
  • SocialBox for the monitoring of social interactions in mice
  • AudioBox for acoustic conditioning in connection with a home cage

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