Laboratory Pilot Plants & High Pressure Reactor Systems

DSAT offers innovative total solutions to the custom and standard R&D testing units by combining processing technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation and instrumentation.
We have the right experience and expertise to enable us to execute all project stages ranging from the supply, design, production, assembly, and testing right up to installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

1. Bench Top Reactors for Catalyst Testing:

  • Micro level
  • Lab level
  • Pilot Level. (1 cc to 500 cc capacity)








2. High Pressure Fixed Bed Reactor Systems

  • Fixed bed Micro Reactor
  • VLE Setup
  • Vapor Phase Reactor
  • Bio-diesel Reactor
  • Mini Reactor Systems
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Reformers
  • GTL systems
  • FT Unit
  • Vapor Phase Reactor
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems
  • Bench Top Reactor Systems


3. Stirred Reactors

  • Laboratory Autoclaves
  • CSTR’s
  • Batch Reactors
  • Solvent Screening System
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Corrosion Autoclaves: 25 ml to 4 liter (custom designed upto 100 liter)