CrimeScope CS-16-500


The CS-16-500 was designed for those departments that prefer Xenon 500W lamps to Metal Halide Lamps because of the extra Infrared output for forged documents. Small enough to be taken to the crime scene but versatile enough to fit comfortably in the lab, the CS-16-500 covers the UV - VIS and is available with optional IR. The life time of the lamp is the same as for the Metal Halide 400W lamps i.e. 1500 hours.

Note: Spare 500W Xenon lamps cost 2-3 times more than 400 Metal Halide while the Blue-Green intensity output used in most forensic applications is the same.


The CS-16-500 contains:

  • AUTOMATED 15 position filter wheel controlled with up-down push buttons on front panel with continuous wavelength fine tune knob.
  • 15 filters mounted on wheel: UV(300-400), 415, 445, 455, 475, 495, CSS, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 600, 630, 670, and white light.
  • 10mm diameter 2 meter long liquid light guide for UV-visible light.
  • Infrared Port is LP500. Upgradeable in the filed with xxxxxx below.
  • Set of five goggles: (1) UV protective, (1) yellow, (2) orange and (1) red.
  • Set of three 62mm diameter camera filters with ring adapters: (2) orange longpass, (1) red longpass.
  • Remote heavy duty flexible arm to hold liquid light guide with 2 special superclamps, compatible with camera tripods, table top or table leg. Allows for Photography and two handed processing of evidence. 
    Rugged and user friendly case with build in wheels, lateral handle and pull out handle.
  • Carrying case for accessories.
  • Manual on care and use of unit, covering all applications.
  • CS-REMOTE - Remote wavelength selector at WORKING END of light guide. Allows user continuous wavelength selection using the same hand holding the light guide, freeing the other hand to dust or collect evidence.

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Mini-CrimeScope Advance








Building on the knowledge and expertise of nearly 20 years of Forensic Light Source design, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance incorporates the same ease of use and unmatched reliability of its predecessor along with the latest in arc lamp technology to provide a unit that is unsurpassed in performance. 

Extreme Reliability - Unmatched ease of use.

The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is the most versatile forensic light source, with choice of 8 or 15 wavelengths, all within a single handheld filter wheel mounted at the working end of the liquid light guide, providing even greater ease of use than the original Mini-CrimeScope.

For Crime Scene and Lab Work

Fingerprints (porous/non porous surfaces), body fluids, trace evidence, bite marks and bruises, shoeprints, gun shot residues, bone fragments, drugs.


  • Power
    The Mini-CrimeScope® Advance is the brightest bulb based forensic light source on the market.  Utilizing new bulb technology, as well as new high throughput, high durability interference filters, it produces more light than the current Mini-CrimeScope 400.  Intensity and power allow for better sensitivity; helping to find the faintest of evidence.
    The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is brighter than any handheld light source on the market, bar none!  Indeed it is brighter than any portable forensic laser.

  • Portability
    Lighter weight then all other forensic light sources in its class, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance is the brightest choice for all your crime scenes.  Now you will finally be able to bring laboratory intensity into the field; the MCS-ADV is transported in a rigid, padded case that easily travels.  The new case is also convertible into a backpack.  The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is designed to travel.

  • Ease of Use
    The MCS-ADV features a patented filter wheel at the working end of the liquid light guide. To switch a filter the user need only “flick a thumb” on the hand that is directing the light guide.  No other manufacturer can make this claim.  When using any alternate light source, 2 features are critical, light intensity and wavelength selection. The Mini-CrimeScope Advance provides very high light intensity in a round uniform spot that is easily controlled, allowing the user to maximize how much light falls onto the evidence. The more light on the evidence, the brighter the fluorescence.  The Mini-CrimeScope provides multiple wavelengths and the easiest way to switch them. Multiple wavelengths are critical in rejecting background/fluorescence. The evidence you are looking for generally fluoresces while being excited at most wavelengths of the spectrum. When you have a background that also fluoresces the multiple wavelengths allows the user to select for the ideal wavelength to allow for rejection of the background, maximizing contrast.

  • Upgrabeability
    To continue to be the top of the line forensic light source, the unit must be useful today and tomorrow.  With this as the rule, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance was designed to be upgradeable.  Additional filter wheels can be added any time.


  • Rugged portable main unit with fold down handle and front control panel with intensity adjustment knob
  • 10mm active diameter Liquid Light Guide (6 feet long) with dual armor plate
  • 4 pairs of goggles: 1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red
  • Carry Case
  • System is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards

Type of lamp:

Hybrid Gas Discharge Lamp

Life Time:

2000 hours

AC Electrical Specifications:

110-220 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 7 AMP


One Year on Parts and Labour


1 remote interchangeable thumbwheel (patented) with built in collimator.  Includes the following wavelengths in a protective housing: 365(UV), 390, 415, 445, 455, 475, 495, CSS, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 575, 600, WHITE

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Mini-Crimescope-400W is the most powerful light source in the CrimeScope series and it produces light intensity unmatched by any other forensic light source on the market.

Its 400W arc lamp provides intense uniform illumination and easy bulb replacement. The light intensity at the end of its 10mm diameter liquid light guide is 3-5 times stronger than with the GE 350W Marc Lamps.

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is the only 400W light source with 1500+ bulb lifetime. No other 400W bulb has the same rating from the bulb manufacturer. This long lifetime 400W bulb is EXCLUSIVELY available from SPEX Forensics.

New Enhanced 400W Lamp design for 2003 provide even more intensity, making the Mini-CrimeScope 400 BRIGHTER THAN 500W XENON, particularly in the Blue/Green, the key wavelengths used in fingerprint and body fluid detection!

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is brighter than any handheld light source on the market, bar none! Indeed it is brighter than any portable forensic laser.

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is the most versatile forensic light source, with choice of 6, 8, 12, or 16 wavelengths. Easily upgradeable, the unit can grow with your department's needs.


For Crime Scene and Lab Work:

  • Fingerprints (Porous/Non Porous Surfaces)
  • Body Fluids
  • Human Skin Damage (bite marks and bruises)
  • Shoeprints
  • Gun Shot Residues
  • Human Bone Fragments
  • Drugs / Fibers / Hair / Paint / Grease


  • 10mm diameter liquid light guide for uniform illumination, large spot size and high intensity output.
  • Interchangeable filterwheels at the working end of the liquid light guide, allows for true One Hand Operation. User can select wavelength and direct light output with the same hand, freeing the other to examine and collect evidence.
  • Upgradeability, more filters or filterwheels can be added at any time.

All MCS-400's include the following components:

  • 400W / 1500+ Hour Light Source with Quick-Replace Bulb.
  • 10mm active diameter. liquid light guide (2 meter) with stainless steel armor protection.
  • No time limit on use of white light.
  • 1 UV + 1 yellow + 1 orange + 1 red goggles.
  • Crime Scene Carrying case.

Configurable to your needs!


  • Bulb life time: 1500+hrs
  • Bulb: Arc Lamp (Easy interchange in the field)
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 11.5"
  • Weight: 15lbs (light source without guide & accessories)
  • Cooling: 4 rotary fans (Bulb / Supply / Guide)
  • Power Source: 115V/220V

Recommended Configurations

  • MCS-400 with 8 wavelengths for Crime Scene + Mobile Labs
    "W3" interchangeable wheel (field Upgradeable) with filters: UV365, 415, 455, CSS, 515, 535, 555, White.


  • MCS-400 with 16 wavelengths for Lab + Crime Scene, also includes:
    "W1" + "W2" interchangeable filter wheels with filters: UV365, UV390, 415, 445, 455, 475, CSS, 495, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 575, 600, 630, White.

Optional Equipment

MCS-KIT - extra accessories for use with any Mini-CrimeScope 400, includes:

  • One extra orange goggle.
  • Heavy Duty Flexible arm with 2 rugged clamps (to hold light guide) for photography.
  • 2 orange and 2 red camera filters (62mm diameter).

Also Available

MCS-400 6F and 12F Low cost downgraded versions


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HandScope Xenon FLS







The Brightest Battery Powered FLS Available . The introduction of this new battery or AC powered unit finally allows small Police Dept's or Crime Scene units to buy a low cost forensic light source, while maintaining high performance with an unmatched number of filters.

The unit is configured with a unique set-up with 12 Filters spread over two 7-positions wheels which allow the output of 13 primary wavelengths.

The "STATE OF THE ART" in low cost battery powered forensic light sources.


The HandScope® Xenon is the only battery powered instrument allowing one hand operation. That is the ability to DIRECT AND SELECT the wavelength of light with one hand. Utilizing thumbwheels, the instrument incorporates the filters in a protective housing that allows the user to hold the unit and switch wavelengths with one hand.

Other units require a second hand or the disassembly of the unit to change the wavelength.

Only the HandScope® allows this ONE-HAND operation.

One Hand Operation = Convenience and Quick Crime Scene Searches. Ease of Use is not a luxury, it is a Necessity!

The HandScope® Xenon is the only battery powered instrument available with 13 wavelengths for superior background rejection.

The HandScope® Xenon has the most uniform, Coherent Spot on the market.

Uniformity of Spot = Quality Photography.

The HandScope® is 75% brighter than its nearest competitor.

It has twice the number of wavelengths

The HandScope® Xenon features a Xenon lamp powered either by the power supply or the included rechargeable battery.


The HandScope® Xenon contains a main lamp housing unit with internal 12V cooling fan, handle on top and tripod mount on bottom

  • adjustable collimator for the front allowing to get a uniform round illumination from various distances.
  • 2 x 7 position filter wheels, integrated in the lamp housing, with wavelength display for each position, and with wavelength combination capability.
  • Set of four goggles: (1) yellow, (1) orange and (1) red, (1) UV Clear. Set of 4 longpass filters: Two 62mm diameter RED camera filters and two 62mm diameter ORANGE camera filters.
  • 110V or 220V AC Power Supply.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Rechargeable 12V battery (45 minutes use per charge).
  • Rugged metal (Aluminum finish) Carrying case with custom cut foam.
  • Manual 14 Position capability:
    13 Primary Wavelengths for searching and photography: UV / 415 / 450 / 475 / 495 / 515 / 535 / 555 / 575 / SP575 / 600 / CSS / WHITE



  • Extra 12V batteries.
  • Extra goggles + Carrying bag
  • Spare Xenon lamp
  • HandScope® Xenon is the perfect companion for its more sensitive cousin, the MCS-400, at crime scene areas where AC power or Generators are not available.

Compact packaging, with unmatched intensity and number of wavelengths!

Flexible design - No cumbersome manual interchange of filters as in other battery powered units.

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FOCUS LED Alternate Light Source



The FOCUS’ homogeneous spot and defined edge provides the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image.  Now the tightest of locations, at any crime scene can be searched with the same uniform illumination as that of a larger lab based light source. 

The FOCUS is a lightweight, compact and ruggedized unit that allows investigators to search crime scenes with the same uniform illumination as that of larger, lab-based light source units with maximum beam projection.  The battery-powered LED generates a minimum of two hours run time, and offers push button "instant" on for immediate processing of crime scenes. 

The FOCUS is uniquely designed.  Its 6-sided hilt prevents it from rolling away, and clearly displays the wavelength. It also comes with an attached lanyard to avoid being dropped accidentally. It’s palm-sized and is easily transported, in its rigid, weather-proof case. 

FOCUS LED can easily detect biological fluids and trace evidence, treated fingerprints, gunshot residue, drugs, bite marks and footprints.  It can also be used to find hair, fingernails, bones and teeth.


  • Intensity
    The FOCUS fits in the palm of your hand.  Its ultra-compact size is deceiving when it is illuminating a scene.   The superior optical design behind the FOCUS maximizes beam projection.  No other LED on the market can offer such a ruggedized unit and produce the same results. 

  • Portability
    Extremely lightweight LED with a minimum 2 hours of run time, the FOCUS is an excellent choice for crime scenes where battery power is a must.  A single FOCUS can slip into a pocket or be easily transported in its rigid, water resistant case with its full line of accessories and other user-friendly LED units, for a total of 6 available wavelengths.

  • Ease of Use
    The FOCUS, with its push button instant on, will not delay the processing at a scene.  The unique design, with its 6 sided hilt, serves 2 purposes: displaying the wavelength and not rolling away.  The attached lanyard helps keep the FOCUS from becoming a statistic, by keeping the unit attached to the wrist, helping to avoid the accidental drop.

The FOCUS’ superior optical design offers an homogeneous spot and defined edge to provide the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image.


  • Rugged portable LED units with one click activation
  • Weatherproof carry case
  • 4 pairs of goggles: 1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red
  • Viewing shields, 62mm camera filters
  • Additional rechargeable backup batteries and chargers
  • System is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

Type of source:

LED – Light Emitting Diode

Life Time:

20,000 hours

DC Electrical Specifications:

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and chargers


One Year on Parts and Labour


  • Includes the following wavelengths: UV390, 470, 495, 530, 620, WHITE

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