Marine Hydrodynamics



Educational Towing Carriage


Designed to suit a towing tank 2m wide, with minimum length 40 up to a maximum of 60m (maximum rail length is 54 m) – Max Speed 3m/s

Educational Towing Carriage


Designed to suit a towing tank 4m wide, with minimum length 40 m up to a maximum of 60 m (maximum rail length is 54 m) – Max Speed 3 m/s (however 4m/s is possible)

Dynamometers for Educational Towing Carriages


A variety of dynamometers can be supplied for use with the educational carriages, these are interfaced with he support frame for connection to ship models or fitting of propeller models. These include:


R35E – Educational Resistance Dynamometer
R200E – Educational Multi Component Ship / Yacht Model Balance
V110E – Educational Ship Stability Dynamometer
H75E – Educational Open Water Propeller / Turbine Dynamometer R75E – Educational Self–Propulsion
R31E, R42E & R43E – Traditional Self-Propulsion Dynamometer for educational scaled models

Additional Equipment & Instrumentation


We also supply additional equipment which can be used in conjunction with the towing carriage for model manufacturing & measuring facilities:


R28E – Educational Scaled Model Guiding Arms
V122E – Educational High Speed Camera System
N10E – Educational Wake Rake with Integrated Pressure Transducers
M150E – Educational 1.5m Offshore Support Vessel / Trawler Model
H75P – Set of Educational Scaled Propeller models
R67 – Tank Pit mounted Off–shore & floor mounted static model 6 component balance

Educational Wave Makers & Wave Absorbing Beaches


Cussons Technology wave makers incorporate proven software techniques for wave generator control and can include software links to towing carriages to optimise test duration. Wave Technology is a rapidly advancing science – new or modified products are continually being developed to meet unique experimental needs, including those associated with the offshore industry’s deep-sea exploration research programmes. Our wave maker designs include:

W20E/W40E – Wet Back Hinge Flap Regular / Irregular Wave Maker
W20EB/W40EB – Hybrid Resonant Tuneable Wave Absorbing Beach
R23E – Educational Carriage Mounted Wave Probe

Educational Cavitation Tunnel


A small but carefully made circulating water tunnel with pressure regulation for cavitation tests, which is suitable for various kinds of experimental and demonstration work on flow and cavitation. The tunnel provides a range of experiments in either hydrodynamic, aerospace or civil engineering.

Research Cavitation Tunnel - Entry Level


This is a Small Research Cavitation Tunnel with 3
different interchangeable measuring sections available:

- 300mm x 300mm Measuring Section Max Speed 9m/s
- 425mm x 425mm Measuring Section Max Speed 5m/s
- Asymmetric 630mm x 350mm Measuring Section Max Speed 4m/s

Educational Cavitation Tunnel Dynamometers


There is a full range of equipment available to compliment these facilities including; Open-water propeller dynamometers, force and moment balances, wake rakes and pitot static Prandtl probes. Please see the list on the adjacent page. Within the standard K14 and the K23 square sections we would recommend the use of the Open water propeller dynamometers that can be mounted either down-stream of the flow in the traditional open water mode, or upstream of the flow where it can be installed with wake screens to simulate the wake of the hull.

Educational Cavitation Tunnel Instrumentation


Cussons offers a large variety of instrumentation for hydrodynamic studies. Our range of Wake Rakes, Pitot Tubes and High Speed Cameras allow the experimental work associated with new research being undertaken in many parts of the world.

*J19 Wake Rak*e with Integrated Pressure Transducers for use Tunnels
K23-06 Pitot Static Tube for use in measuring section of Tunnel
V121E High Speed / Frame Rate Camera system for observing cavitation.
V140 B&K Cavitation Tunnel Hydrophone system
V123E Flat Plate and Cylinder Model Experiment for use in Tunnels