Wind Generator Set


The P3130A Wind Generator Set is designed to test small scale wind power turbines of up to 450 mm blade diameter. The equipment is designed to allow use inside a laboratory that does not have access to a wind tunnel. Students can measure power coefficients, compare power coefficients to theoretical limits (the Betz limit), produce power curves for stall regulated and pitch regulated turbines and determine thrust coefficients etc.

Wind Turbine Dynamometer Range


Dynamometers are used within industrial and other test facilities to verify the performance and reliability of wind turbines and other commercial machines. Cussons’ Wind Turbine Dynamometer range enables small scale turbine blade designs to be tested and the results of their performance validated with complete control of the external variables.



The 2/4 and 3 blade instrumented hubs include two strain gauged blade root elements to measure blade bending moments in two planes. One set of flat blades is included and a protractor gauge is supplied to measure pitch angle.



The 2/4 and 3 blade non-instrumented hubs are supplied with one set of flat blades and a protractor gauge is supplied to measure pitch angle.

Wind turbine trainer unit


The equipment is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of a wind turbine plant and its whole operation. The layout is very visual and intuitive for teaching purposes. This is achieved by the provision of equipment in schematic and plugging panels. In addition, the unit has a full computer control system.

Solar Energy Demonstration


The P7140 Solar Energy Demonstration unit allows students to gain an appreciation of the total heat capture of a solar thermal energy panel and an understanding of their relative efficiency. Students are able to vary the water flow rate and angle of incidence of the unit to measure the change in energy collection performance.

Solar Distillation Apparatus – Basin and Thin Film Type


The Solar Distillation Apparatus enables students to measure output and efficiency against solar energy input, amount of base insulation and brine depth. The effects of different absorbent surfaces, inclination, ambient temperature, wind velocity and the effect of cooling the glass cover may also be investigated

Solar Energy Management Unit


The equipment reproduces a full scale solar photovoltaic installation. The system offers a wide variety of energy tests, observation and analysis of the performance of PV panels:

Experimental Capabilities

Photovoltaic Solar Power Unit


This unit provides students the means of collecting and storing solar power, measuring the energy available from it and investigating the performance of a photovoltaic unit. The package enables both electrical and mechanical power to be obtained yet it does not require the use of complicated reflecting systems in order to concentrate the solar energy.

Fuel Cell Demonstration Unit


The P9040 Fuel Cell Demonstration Unit provides a working desk top proton exchange membrane fuel cell as the basis for student investigations including measurement of efficiency