Microtension Test Device


Field of Application

The MDT-500 low-load testing machine can be universally used for a multitude of testing procedures on a whole variety of materials and components. The powerful software allows quick and easy analysis of the measurement results.

Typical areas for use are:

  • Tension and pressure tests for the assessment of materials
  • Load tests for metal and plastic components
  • The gauging of springs and of elastic components
  • The carrying out of cycle-based wear tests
  • 3-point bending tests with special specimen holders (optional)
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis of specimens showing complex coefficients of elasticity, Wöhler curves and also detection of cracks under cyclical long-term loading (optional)

Functional Principal

A servo motor transfers a rotational motion to two pre-tensioned bullet spindles which are free from float. These move the pick-up sensors in a horizontal direction by up to 50 mm. A calibrated force sensor is coupled with a distance meter so that the change in length of the force sensor does not influence the result, and no corrections are required.

The software which is included makes it simple to control the machine. Comprehensive analysis functions simulate a whole variety of loadings and show the results in graph form.   Presentations and results documents can easily be drawn up via the integrated report function.

Cheif Advantages

  • A high level of reproducibility of the measurement results by means of a highly accurate force and deflection measuring system.
  • A long service life due to the stable design and use of high-quality components.
  • Powerful software is included at no extra cost
  • The measurement result does not need to be corrected because the change in length of the force sensor under loading does not influence the result

Technical Information

  • Force in direction of tension and pressure: 500 N
  • Length of trajectory: 40 mm
  • Trajectory speed: 0.05 to 60 mm/min
  • Resolution of distance measuring system: 0.5 µm (50nm optional)
  • Reproducibility level of the force sensor: 0.05%
  • Dimensions: 450 x 300 x 177 mm (LxWxH)




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