Scientific Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Platform



HORIBA Scientific has invented the new generation of scientific spectroscopic ellipsometer that delivers the highest level of performance for nano and micro layer characterization.

The UVISEL 2 includes the widest range of integrated automated features useful for the investigation of all material family.

The UVISEL 2 features a patented sample vision coupled with automated spot selection for accurate positioning of the measurement spot and region on the sample.

The UVISEL 2 integrates the world’s smallest patented achromatic spot size of 35μm capable of covering a large spectral range from FUV to NIR for measurement of very small sample areas.

Driven by the DeltaPsi2 software, the UVISEL 2 is simple to operate and has the performance required characterizing all current materials as well as the next generation materials and structures.

HORIBA Scientific started with what has proven to be the most accurate and sensitive ellipsometer, the UVISEL, and redesigned and improved everything to deliver an instrument with a remarkably higher specification than any other instrument.


  • Scanning Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer:190-880nm

  • Vision system providing a real-time colour image of the sample and exact measurement spot using the ellipsometer head.

  • Computer controlled Microspots

    • Choice of 8 different spot sizes to suit the feature size of sample.

    • Achromatic microspot optics down to 35 µm

  • Computer controlled variable angle goniometer

    • Angle range 35° - 90°

    • Allows Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

  • Computer controlled 200mm x 200mm XYZ Stage

    • For automated sample mapping

    • 200mm square sample holder with 2 reference samples attached

    • Automatic Z-height adjustment : 40mm with Autofocus

  • Motorised Sample Tilt Alignment

    • Alignment of the sample by laser system

  • 150 W Xenon light source

  • Double Monochromator System for UV-Vis Range

    • 190nm – 880nm (stray light rejection < 0.5% at 190nm)

    • Twin PMT detectors for highest sensitivity and dynamic range

NIR Extension up to 2100 nm

  • Monochromator for NIR Range

    • 880nm – 2100nm.

    • InGaAs detector

  • Computer and Delta Psi2 Software package

    • Acquisition, Calibration and Data interpretation

    • Automatic Calibration


The Reference Ellipsometer for Thin Film Measurements



The UVISEL Plus ellipsometer range offers the best combination of modularity and performance for advanced thin film, surface and interface characterization.

The new UVISEL Plus includes the newest acquisition technology designed to measure faster and more accurately than ever. FastAcq, the newest acquisition technology, is based on double modulation, designed for real world thin film characterization. Based on a new electronic, data processing and high speed monochromator, the new FastAcq technology enables a sample measurement from 190 to 2100nm to be completed within 3 minutes, at high resolution.

Based on phase modulation technology, the UVISEL Plus ellipsometer provides a powerful optical design to continuously cover the spectral range from 190 to 2100 nm. High quality data are delivered across the whole spectral range in terms of high accuracy, high resolution measurements and excellent signal to noise ratio.

The phase modulation technology characterizes polarization changes at high frequency (50 kHz), and without any mechanical movement. It results in:

  • High accuracy measurements for all values of (Ψ,Δ)

  • Excellent signal/noise ratio from the FUV to NIR

  • Very fast data acquisition speed at up to 50 ms/point ideal for kinetic studies and in-situ real-time measurements

The UVISEL Plus phase modulated ellipsometer achieves higher sensitivity and accuracy for characterizing thin films when compared to conventional ellipsometers using rotating elements. It enables the detection of very thin films or interfaces that no other ellipsometers can see as well as the characterization of thick layers up to 50µm. The measurement and characterization of transparent samples with backside reflections are simple and accurate and doesn't require the scratch of the backside.

Designed for enhanced flexibility for thin film measurements, the UVISEL Plus offers microspots for patterned samples, variable angle, automatic mapping stage and a variety of accessories, making it scalable to meet all of your application and budget needs.
The modular design of the UVISEL Plus makes it possible to be used either as a benchtop metrology tool, or for in-situ integration on process chambers. or roll to roll machines.

The UVISEL Plus is controlled by either the DeltaPsi2 software platform or theAuto-Soft interface that are common to all HORIBA ellipsometers. DeltaPsi2 provides a complete measurement and modelling package allowing to address both routine and advanced thin film applications, while the Auto-Soft interface features an intuitive worksflow to speed up data collection and analysis.

The UVISEL Plus and its FastAcq technology is the most versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer for thin film thickness and optical constant measurements in the fields of materials research and processing, flat panel displays, microelectronics and photovoltaics.

The UVISEL Plus is considered a Reference ellipsometer for ultimate materials science.


Product benefits

  • Highest accuracy and sensitivity
  • Modular design
  • Large spectral range: 190-2100 nm
  • Fully integrated software package for measurement, modelling and automatic operations

Obtained information

  • Thin film thickness from 1Å to 50 µm
  • Surface and interface roughness
  • Optical constants (n,k) for isotropic, anisotropic and graded films
  • Derived optical data such as: absorption coefficient α, optical bandgap Eg
  • Material properties: compound alloy composition, porosity, crystallinity, morphology and more
  • Mueller matrix
  • Depolarization


The UVISEL Plus spectroscopic ellipsometer is available in 2 configurations:

                 190nm UVISEL Plus Extended Range 2100 nm

190 nm UVISEL Plus 920 nm

UVISEL Specifications

  • Spectral range: from 190 to 920 nm │NIR extension option up to 2100 nm
  • Detection: High resolution monochromator coupled to sensitive detectors

Manual Configuration

  • Spot size: 0.05 – 0.1 – 1 mm (pinhole)
  • Sample stage: 150 mm, manual height (20mm) and tilt adjustment
  • Goniometer: Manually adjustable angle from 55° to 90° by step of 5°

Automatic Configuration

  • Manual or automated spot size: 0.05 - 0.1 - 1 mm or 0.08 - 0.12 - 0.25 - 1.2 mm (pinhole)
  • Automation sample stage: 200x200mm, 300x300 mm XY sample stage, manual height (4mm) and tilt adjustment, XYZ sample stage, theta stage
  • Automatic goniometer: Automatically adjustable angle from 40° to 90° by step of 0.01°

Integrated Goniometer

  • Manual angle of incidence: 35° to 90° by 5° step
  • Sample holder: 150mm, 20mm manual z height adjustment
  • Autocollimation system for sample alignment in option
  • Dimension: width: 25cm; height: 35cm; depth: 21 cm

In situ configuration

  • Mechanical adaptation: CF35 or KF40 flanges
  • Easy swith between in-situ and ex-situ configurations


  • Accessories: temperature controlled cell, liquid cell, electrochemical cell, reflectometry module to measure reflectance at 0° incidence, and more
  • Vision: CCD camera


  •  Accuracy: Ψ= 45°±0.01° and Δ=0°±0.01° measured in straight-through air configuration1.5 – 5.3 eV
  • Repeatability: NIST 1000Å SiO2/Si (190-2100 nm): d ± 0.1 % – n(632.8nm) ± 0.0001


A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a range from VUV to NIR



The UVISEL 2 VUV is a new generation of phase modulation ellipsometer for VUV measurements. It is the only spectroscopic ellipsometer on the market designed to deliver the fastest thin film measurements over the largest wavelength range, from 147 to 2100 nm.

The UVISEL 2 VUV is “a hybrid ellipsometer”, capable of operating in 2 modes: under nitrogen or primary vacuum. Its mechanical design is optimized for low nitrogen consumption down to 6L/min, and allows for fast sample loading, which takes less than two minutes. The readily accessible chamber in front makes sample loading very convenient.

The UVISEL 2 VUV provides high sensitivity at VUV wavelengths. It integrates dual high power energy sources, high throughput optics, a CaF2 photo-elastic modulator and two modern monochromators. Sample measurement takes less than 8 minutes from 147 to 850 nm with an excellent signal to noise ratio.

The UVISEL 2 VUV revolutionizes the world of VUV ellipsometers by significantly reducing the nitrogen consumption and the time it takes to purge and measure samples.

The well-known DeltaPsi2 software controls the UVISEL 2 VUV ellipsometer, offering powerful acquisition, modelling and reporting features. The user interface is intuitive and suitable for both research and industrial use.

The UVISEL 2 VUV provides unmatched measurement speed and low operating costs, making it the ideal ellipsometer for the characterization of numerous thin film applications from 147 to 2100 nm. The UVISEL 2 VUV ellipsometer can be customized and automated for production.


  • Fast sample loading
  • Fast purging
  • Lowest nitrogen consumption
  • Very fast measurement
  • Two modes of operation: under nitrogen or primary vacuum

Auto SE

Simple Thin Film Measurement Tool



The Auto SE is a new thin film measurement tool that allows full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operation.

Sample analysis takes only a few seconds and provides a complete report that fully describes the thin film stack – including film thicknesses, optical constants, surface roughness, and film inhomogeneities.

The Auto SE is a highly featured instrument that includes an automatic XYZ stage, real-time imaging of the measurement site and automatic selection of spot size. Many accessories are available to suit a large range of applications.

The Auto SE includes built-in diagnostic indicators for the automatic detection and diagnosis of problems, with comprehensive operator guidance for troubleshooting.

The Auto SE stands out in its ease of use and numerous automatic features that made the Auto SE a turnkey instrument ideal for routine thin film measurement and device quality control.


  • Thin film analysis made easy
  • Highly featured system
  • Sample vision system
  • Microspot down to 25x60 µm
  • Large choice of accessories


  • Spectral range: 440-1000 nm
  • Spot sizes: automatic selection 500x500 µm; 250x500 µm; 250x250 µm; 70x250 µm; 100x100 µm; 50x60 µm; 25x60 µm
  • Detection: CCD – Resolution: 2nm
  • sample stage: vacuum chucks, z height 40 mm
  • Sample viewing: CCD camera - Field of view: 1.33x1 mm – Resolution: 10µm
  • Goniometer: Fixed at 70° - Possible set up at 66° and 61.5°
  • Numerous accessories
  • Measurement time: <2s, typical 5s
  • Accuracy:  NIST 100nm d ± 4Å, n(632.8nm) ± 0.002
  • Repeatability:  NIST 15nm ± 0.2 Å

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Smart SE

A Powerful and Cost Effective Spectroscopic Ellipsometer



A modular spectroscopic ellipsometer for everyday thin film characterization

Smart SE: a Powerful and Cost Effective Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The Smart SE from HORIBA Scientific is a versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer for fast and accurate thin film measurements. It characterizes thin film thickness from a few Angstroms to 20 µm, optical constants (n,k), thin film structure properties (such as roughness, optical graded and anisotropic layers, etc), and the complete 16 element Mueller matrix.

The spectral range from 450 to 1000nm is measured in a few seconds and ellipsometric data are analyzed using the DeltaPsi2 software platform.  DeltaPsi 2 provides advanced analysis with state-of the art ellipsometric modeling, as well as a more user friendly interface, known as AutoSoft, allowing the user to simply run pre-defined recipes with simple push button operation.

The Smart SE ellipsometer is a cost effective thin film tool with no compromise on features,  delivering research grade performance at an economical price. It provides an integrated vision system for accurate spot positioning, seven automated micro spots with size ranging down to a few tens of microns for measurement of small features, and the ability to measure the complete 16-element Mueller matrix in just a few seconds for the study of complex samples.

The flexible design of the Smart SE allows for optional automation of both the sample stage and the goniometer for mapping samples or acquiring data at multiple angles of incidence automatically.  The Smart SE can also be placed onto a deposition chamber for in-situ measurements.   It matches any application or budget for a wide variety of application areas including microelectronics, solar, displays, optical coatings, surface treatments and organic compounds.


Standard Configurations

Spectra range:

450nm to 1000nm

Spectra resolution

Better than 3nm

Light source

Combined Halogen and Blue LED

Measurement time

<1sec to 10 sec

Beam size

75µm * 150µm, 100µm * 250µm,

100µm * 500µm, 150µm * 150µm,

250µm * 250µm, 250µm * 500µm,


Angle of incidence

450 to 900 by step of 50

Sample size

Up to 200mm

Sample alignment

Manual 17mm height adjustement and tilt


100cm * 46cm * 23cm(W*H*D)



Straight-through air accuracy

Ψ=450±0.050 Δ=00±0.20

Thickness accuracy on 1000 Å Oxide


Thickness repeatability on 1000 Å Oxide



  • Automated angle of incidence from 450 to 900 by step of 0.010

  • Motorized stage for 200mm and 300mm sample sizes

  • In-situ adjustable flanges for mounting on process chamber

  • Heating and cooling stages

  • Liquid and electrochemical cells

  • Cross hair auto-collimation system