Looking at living things in great detail, life sciences cover some of the most challenging subjects with exciting and rewarding outcomes every day.

DSAT provides solutions from leading suppliers in sophisticated research instrumentation to enable our customers to accomplish their research experiments successfully by integrating electronics and micro fabrication methods with biology.Whether you are interested in systems for laboratory animals or looking for methods and procedures for biological, preclinical and pharmaceutical research, our research and development team offers you innovation, creating new products and software to anticipate your needs as well as the scientific demands. We supply instruments for In–Vitro & In-Vivo research, Physiological & Pharmacological research, Implantable Stimulation etc.

We offer Turnkey VIVARIUM DESIGN & SUPPORT SOLUTIONS involving vivarium design, engineering analysis, budget management, installation and service of new as well as existing animal housing facilities. We provide our customers with invaluable insights necessary to make educated facility design decisions to ensure the highest performance of all our product solutions.