Automotive Technology
Biology / Life Science
EOR Carbon Sequestration
Carbon Nanotubes
Core Analysis/PVT Analysis
Display Technologies
Etching & Deposition
Food & Beverages
Industrial Process
Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Homogeneity & Consistency Measurement


Natural Products, Flavors, Fragrances and Essential Oils Purification

Viscosity analysis

Advanced Research, Routine Analysis, Quality Control (Fluorescence)

Advanced Research, Routine Analysis, Quality Control (Raman)

Advanced Research, Routine Analysis, Quality Control (SPRI)

Antibody/Antigen interaction

Bio-availability of Formulations (Fluorescence)

Bio-availability of Formulations (Particle Size)


Biodegradable Polymers

Combinatorial Chemistry (Raman)

Combinatorial Chemistry (SPRI)

Compound Distribution in Tablets (Raman)

Compound Distribution in Tablets (Xray Fluorescence)

Contamination (Raman)

Contamination (SPRI)

Contamination ( Xray Fluorescence)

Cosmetics and Formulations (Raman)

Cosmetics and Formulations (Xray Fluorescence)

Cosmetics Quality Control (Tooth Paste, Facial Products, Varnishes, Moisturizers) (Particle Size)

Cosmetics Quality Control (Tooth Paste, Facial Products, Varnishes, Moisturizers) (SPRI)

In Cosmetic and Health Care Companies: Sunscreen, Lipid-based Emollients, Skin Quality

Crystalline Phases

To Obtain Information on the Dynamic, Rigidity and Structure of DNA, Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Virus

Dynamics of Drug Release

Fluorescence Immunoassay Methods

High Throughput Screening Raw Material Verification

Mechanical Properties of Tablets

Metals Analysis in Drugs & Cosmetics

Oligosaccharide/Protein interaction

PAT (Raman)

PAT (Xray Fluorescence)


Protein Interactions (Fluorescence)

Protein Interactions (Raman)

Protein Interactions (Xray Fluorescence)

Quality Control Formulation Screening

Raw Material Analysis e.g. NaCl for QC & Trace Elements &

Compliance with Legal Limits of Toxic Elements

Research for Bio Paths by using Metal Bio-markers

Tablet Coatings

Reactor Pressure Valves
Solvent Recycling
Surface Science

Advanced Integrated Scanning(AFM)

Alloy Coatings on Steel(Glow Discharge)

Bulk Analysis(Glow discharge)

Correlation Chemistry / Optical Properties (Absorption=f(Concentration))[ellipsometry]

DLC for Read-Write Heads in Disc Drives(ellipsometry)

DLC for Read-Write Heads in Disc Drives(Raman)

Electrical Coatings used as Electrical Contacts (Like Electrochemically Deposited Ones) (Glow discharge)

Enamel Coating on Ceramics(glow discharge)

Characterization of Glass Surfaces and Coatings on Glasses(ellipsometry)

Characterization of Glass Surfaces and Coatings on Glasses(Glow discharge)

Interfaces, Solid-Liquid(ellipsometry)

Ion Implantation(Glow discharge)

ITO Films(ellipsometry)

ITO Films(Raman)

Langmuir Blodgett Films(ellipsometry)

Langmuir Blodgett Films(Raman)

Organic Materials / Chemistry

Oxidation / Passivation / Corrosion(ellipsometry)

Oxidation / Passivation / Corrosion(glow discharge)

Paints and Pigments(Particle size)

Polymer Coating(Raman)

Powder Coatings(Particle size)

Powders(Glow discharge)

PVD / CVD / Hard Coatings(Glow discharge)

To Monitor Quality of Paints, Plastics, Polymer, Optical Brighteners and Phosphor Coatings(Ellipsometry)

Rubber Layer on Stainless Steel(ellipsometry)

Self Assembling Monolayers(ellipsometry)

Self Assembling Monolayers(Raman)

Steel Surfaces(Glow discharge)

Surface Chemistry(SPRI)

Surface Depth Profile Analysis of Hard Disk(Glow discharge)

Surface Property Improvement for Better Tribological Properties, Corrosion Resistance (ellipsometry)

Toner Industry(Particle size)

Thin Film Technology