“Raman Hyperspectral Imaging”


Live Webinar | Thursday, March 30 | 10 AM & 5 PM CEST

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Event Overview

Learn about the use of Raman hyperspectral imaging in pharmaceutical applications!
Raman hyperspectral imaging results from the powerful combination of spatial (imaging) and spectral (Raman) information. It is increasingly used both in R&D and in the industry because it allows the investigation of many characteristics of solid samples.
This technique provides an accurate tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of a pharmaceutical solid formulation.
In this webinar, Assoc. Prof. Ziemons will present fundamental concepts of hyperspectral imaging data analysis and key applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical field.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Until recent years, Raman hyperspectral imaging has been seen as an expensive and complicated technique requiring expert users. That is no longer true for conventional sample analysis.
  • In this webinar, the expectations of the technique, its advantages and limitations will be highlighted thanks to several applications covering pharmaceutical and biomedical samples.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone involved in the analysis of pharmaceutical formulations, from lab technicians to academics, managers and specialists in R&D and Quality Control will find Assoc. Prof. Ziemons’s webinar informative, illuminating and, quite possibly, challenging
Associate Professor
Eric Ziemons, PhD
University of Liège (ULg)
Center of Interdisciplinary on Medicines Research on Medicines,
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry
Mathieu Boiret, PhD
HORIBA Scientific Application manager